Guided tours

DOK gets many requests for guided tours, from national but also international groups. You and your friends, guests or colleagues are more than welcome to pay us a visit. Want to get some insight on our services, products and departments, by one of our passionate colleagues? Then please read the information below. We hope to see you soon.

Request a guided tour Because DOK gets a lot of requests, we kindly ask you to fill in the form. It will make it easier to plan your visit as smooth and quickly as possible.

A guided tour takes place in our main facility, DOK Centrum. It's situated on Vesteplein 100, Delft. To make sure we can comply to all the requests, we ask a small fee. For a group of about 20 people (one tourguide) the fee is € 200,-. We can cover everything from a general tour to specific questions on different subjects. Your guests will of course get tea and coffee at arrival.

Your group has 35 participants who want to take a guided tour for one and a half hour. You also wish to speak to a management level employee about specific subjects for an hour.

20 participants (one tourguide) = € 200,-
15 participants (extra tourguide) = € 100,-
1 hour consultancy (management) = € 85,-

Including coffee and tea. Prices are excl. 21% BTW. For foreign visitors DOK does not charge 6% VAT.

If you have any questions or other requests concerning a visit to DOK, please let us know. DOK also provides workshops around innovation, new media, digital services, service strategy, communication & marketing etc.

Marijke Timmerhuis
Adviseur Beleid en Projecten