We transferred to Wise!

Good news, the transfer to Wise, our new library software was successful!

Dear reader,

This software offers many more new possibilities for discovering the DOK collection. You can browse the DOK collection more easily and thoroughly, see how others have rated the titles or write a review yourself, and manage your library account via an app.

The page with the latest information

On the Wise information page you can find everything you need to know about the new library software system. From a description of the new options in MijnDOK to an explanation of the features that work differently than you are used to. Many answers can already be found in the FAQ.

Visit the information page

We would like to know about your experience

How do you like the new library software system? Is everything clear, easy to use or do you have questions and suggestions for improvement? We are very curious to hear about your experience of the new software system.

Let us know by filling in this online form!

Stay up-to-date in the future too

This was the last message about the transfer to Wise. We hope you had a smooth transition to Wise and wish you a lot of fun with the new software system!

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For questions please visit the page with the latest information on our website or contact the customer service via info@dok.info.